Our state-of-the-art, preclinical small animal imaging system (IVIS Spectrum from Perkin Elmer) has 2D & 3D optical tomography, bioluminescence, and fluorescence in one platform.  

IVIS spectrum is capable of imaging both fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters in mice and rat with the capacity to scan up to 5 mice at one time. Co-registration of bioluminescence, and fluorescence signals

With reflectance Imaging for anatomical location of signal intensity. Live imaging software offers 3D visual videos.

We offer the following services:
  • Non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression: Oncology (Xenografts, syngeneic tumor models, orthotopic and metastasis models), Inflammation and CNS disease models
  • Real time monitoring and biodistribution of
  1. Stem cells trafficking
  2. Antibodies (mAbs, Bispecific’s, CART, T cells, Gamma-delta (γδ) T cells)
  3. In vivo target specificity for antibodies (eg. Evaluating the binding affinity/specificity of antibody in tumor expressing the target of interest)
  • To evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of the drug candidates

With our cutting-edge imaging facility, we offer high resolution, highly sensitive, and reliable in vivo imaging data. A one stop in vivo small animal imaging facility for all your imaging study needs.Type your text here