Adgyl Lifesciences is a leading and multi-faceted contract research organisation with 30+ years of GLP experience ensuring data reliability and accuracy with the highest quality and global customer satisfaction.

Adgyl Lifesciences test facility has a rich history dating back to 1987 when it started its operations under its previous avatars. The test facility offers comprehensive toxicology studies ranging from single-dose, repeat dose, genetic toxicology, safety pharmacology, DART, chronic & carcinogenicity, in vitro skin/ eye studies, efficacy studies in multiple therapeutic areas, pharmacokinetics, and metabolism studies.

The non-clinical toxicology/ safety assessment services of Adgyl Lifesciences are used by global Agrochemicals, Medical Devices, Veterinary health products, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Products, REACH and Industrial Chemicals Industries.

Adgyl Lifesciences has successfully completed, both directly and through its affiliates, 2000+ Genetic toxicology, 5000+ acute, 2000+ repeat dose, 400+ reproduction, 65+ carcinogenicity GLP studies, 90+IND, 60+GMP campaigns, 11500+ Physico-chemical properties, 1000+ Ecotoxicology studies and submitted data to sponsors worldwide for regulatory submission.

Our safety assessment and pharmacology team comprises 190 people. A strong R&D organisation with 8 US Board Certified Toxicologists (DABT), 6 European Registered Toxicologists (ERT) and 4 Board Certified Pathologists (Diplomate of Indian Board of Toxicopathology). This team’s average experience is over 15 years with extensive expertise in various areas of preclinical toxicology and safety assessment and a fundamental commitment to quality and data integrity.

Adgyl Lifesciences operates out of a single location and through its partner companies at the same location also offers Discovery Chemistry, In Vitro Biology, ADME, Bioanalytical, CMC (GMP, non-GMP) for the Pharma / Biopharmaceutical industries and 5 Batch Analysis, Physical-Chemical properties, Residue in crops, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Fate and Behaviour Studies for Agrochemicals and Chemical industries in general.