Cosmetics Testing

At Adgyl Life Sciences, we specialize in cosmetics and consumer product testing, ensuring the highest quality while prioritizing animal welfare and adherence to ECVAM guidelines. With a rich portfolio of over 100 successfully tested products, our expertise in in vitro studies guarantees safety and compliance. Discover our comprehensive range of tests, from skin corrosion to eye irritation, and entrust your cosmetic products to the experts at Adgyl Lifesciences.

Cosmetics Studies

TyCosmetics and consumer product testing is required to assess the toxicity and quality to responsibly, safely, and efficiently market this product without an unreasonable risk of injury to the consumer.

Keeping in view of the animal welfare measures and the 3′ R principles of animal welfare (Replace, Reduce and Refine), all the testing for cosmetic and consumer products are performed in accordance with the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM). In vitro tests are performed with isolated tissues, organs or part cells instead of a whole organism, which can relate to the human body tissue and be adequate to conclude as per the test guideline requirement.

Adgyl Lifesciences is proficient and has tested 100+ products for its safety and submitted reports successfully by performing the following in vitro studies.

In vitro Studies
  • Episkin-In Vitro Skin Corrosion (OECD 431)
  • Episkin-In Vitro Skin Irritation (OECD 439)
  • In Vitro Eye Irritation [Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability (BCOP) Test] (OECD 437)
  • In Vitro Eye Irritation EpiOcular (OECD 492)
  • In Vitro Skin Sensitization [Dermal Peptide Reactivity Assay (DPRA)](OECD 442C)
  • In Vitro Skin Sensitization- ARE-Nrf2 Luciferase Test Method [KeratinoSens] (OECD 442D)
  • In Vitro Skin Sensitization [Human Cell Line (U937-U-SENS) Activation Test (h-CLAT)] (OECD 442E)
  • In Vitro Skin Absorption: Franz Cell Diffusion Assay (OECD 428)
  • In Vitro cytotoxicity in Balb/c 3T3 LD50 (OECD 129)

Our commitment to safety, innovation, and ethical practices sets us apart. We follow the principles of animal welfare, emphasizing the 3’R approach: Replace, Reduce, Refine. Our in vitro tests, aligned with ECVAM standards, employ cutting-edge methods to assess cosmetics and consumer products without harming animals. With a track record of testing and successfully reporting on numerous products, Adgyl Lifesciences is your gateway to responsible and reliable cosmetic testing.